5 Yoga Ways to Weight Loss


Yoga isn’t widely considered as a ‘real exercise’ since it doesn’t look like the heavy gym and aerobics workouts. However, it is effective in weight loss. Yoga goes a step further from burning calories; it harmoniously balances the physical and mental health, turning weight loss mission to a peaceful pursuit.

Yoga takes a unique approach to weight loss. It works on the causes and effects of weight gain simultaneously. Apart from diet and physical activity, sloppy bodily functions and stress cause sudden weight gain, which increases the risk of diabetes and gut disorders. Yoga, with its 80 different poses, works on every part of the body. Here are 5 that you can include in your weight loss plan.

Sun Salutation

A combination of 12 poses, Sun Salutation, is the best way to introduce a beginner to yoga. It is a fast-paced yoga series that works on the cardiovascular system, blood circulation, nervous system, metabolism, and stomach. Start slow to get the balance and then speed up. Greet the morning with at least 5 cycles.

Grinding Pose

This exercise effectively reduces belly fat, tones the abdominal muscles, and stretches the spine. The grinding pose solves a major factor for weight gain – digestion. The exercise massages the intestines and adrenal glands, improving the digestive system.

Cobra Pose

As the name suggests, this pose replicates a cobra. The cobra pose burns belly fat, massages the adrenal glands, and stretches the entire abdominal region, including stomach, pancreas, and liver. Exercising these eases digestion, regulates metabolism, and overcomes stress and anxiety. 

Wind-relieving Pose

Abnormal weight gain is directly related to gastritis, acid reflux, and other gut disorders. The wind-releasing pose dissolves excessive abdominal fat and relieves the body from the toxic gases formed due to unhealthy eating and overweight. 

Boat Pose

The boat pose is a vigorous exercise that works the abs and pressurizes the stomach. Practicing the boat pose regularly strengthens the stomach and the spine. It improves mental activity as well since balancing a boat pose requires complete focus.

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